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Partners We Seek

Reliable Partners & Quality Equipment

GGE actively seeks out the best equipment and financing options to give our dealers and homeowners versatile choices. We collaborate with reputable solar manufacturers whose materials we know, trust, and feel confident passing on to you.

Our solar solutions focus on performance and follow through with:

          • Full-time project management
          • Trained assembly crews
          • Complete system warranty
          • 24/7 system monitoring

Partners We Seek

  • Operations and Maintenance
  • Project Development
  • Investment Bank
  • Off-taker Industry Trade
  • Asset Management
  • EPC Engineering, Procurement and Construction

You are an investor

We provide investment opportunities from early-stage project development to fully connected PV Power plants. Furthermore, O&M and Asset Management Services to secure long-term profits of your investment.

You are a project developer

We can partner up with you from early stage developments and provide technical assistance along the way or provide technical assistance along the way through to sale of your fully developed projects.

You are an off-taker

You are an industrial or energy trading company and want to purchase clean and unexpensive electricity? We can provide PV electricity, so that you, your clients and the society benefit from your decision.

You are an all-in-one investor, developer and off-taker

We can simply design and build the most reliable and care free PV system for you. A full package including operation and maintenance service. So that you can concentrate your efforts on your core activities.