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Power Your Home With Clean Energy

Solar is More Affordable
Than Ever

While we are regularly reminded of the threat of climate change, it’s also never been easier to contribute to a greener future, with solar prices lower than they’ve ever been. 

Solar panels are more efficient and with multiple battery backup options available, we can help you harness the natural energy from the sun and use it.

With solar financing options available, making the move to solar has never been easier.

What is a Solar rooftop?

Solar rooftop are solar panels placed on top of roofs of commercial, industrial or residential buildings. They capture the light energy emitted by the sun and convert it into electrical energy. This setup is also known as solar rooftop photo-voltaic system. It produces a clean, eco-friendly form of energy, meaning that it does not produce any type of pollution or harmful gases.

There are federal and state rebates available for rooftop solar and battery storage which can significantly reduce the cost of purchasing and installing a solar-power system. You can search for federal and state government rebates at

Why choose GGE as your rooftop solutions provider?

Have you thought about switching to solar but are not quite sure if it’s right for you?

Solar power is a big investment and for some, this can be daunting. However, with prices of conventional energy sources increasing and the prices of solar solutions decreasing, switching to solar is not only easy and cost-effective, it’s the smart move to make. 

Installing solar panels will lead to a reduction in your monthly utility bill, and in some cases, can eliminate your bill altogether. Solar can also add value to your home if and when you choose to sell because buyers know they will inherit a reduced utility bill.

By switching to solar, you can be confident that your energy needs will be met, you will make substantial savings on your energy bill and that you are contributing to a renewable energy future.

with GGE solar rooftop

How much you can save

  • PV System Specications: 6.6 kW
  • Average Retail Electricity Rate: 0.30 AUD/kWh
  • Requested Location: Australia
  • Total Annual Electricity Generation: 10,512 kW/Year
  • Carbon dioxide emissions mitigated: 10.51 tons
  • Total Annual Value: 3,154 AUD

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